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Usage and operation rules of welding positioner

  Welding positioner is versatile and efficient welding equipment mainly to achieve girth welding. It can be equipped with argon arc welding machine (filled or unfilled wire), molten electrode gas shielded welding machine (C02/MAG/MIG welding machine), plasma welding machine and other welding machine power supply. It can form an automatic welding system with other machines. The product is mainly composed of the rotating head, displacement mechanism and controller. The speed of the rotating head is adjustable, with an independent speed control circuit, and the dial switch directly presets the length of the weld. The tilt angle can be adjusted as needed. The welding gun can be lifted pneumatically.

Operating procedures:

1. Observe the safety operation rules of welders;

2. When installing and disassembling the workpiece, check whether the round pressure plate has been taken out and whether the pressure plate has returned to the position to prevent the workpiece from damaging the fixture;

3. When hoisting the workpiece, it must be stable and level, without large swings, to prevent the workpiece from colliding with the fixture, so as not to damage the fixture;

4. When lifting the workpiece, the sling must be removed from the workpiece after being installed securely;

5. When disassembling the workpiece, the workpiece must be stabilized with a sling before releasing the workpiece;

6. When the workpiece falls on the fixture, it should be handled gently, and there should be no excessive impact on the fixture and the positioner;

7. Workpiece installation must be positioned according to requirements, nuts and bolts of all fixtures must be tightened, and the pressure plate should be pressed tightly. After installation is complete, test rotation is required to check and confirm that the installation is stable before formal operation;

8. Before turning, check whether there are other objects in the working rotation range to avoid a collision;

9. After the workpiece is turned to the operating position, the power switch must be turned off to cut off the power to prevent misoperation;

10. Workpiece installation must pay attention to the work centre, and must not deviate from the centre of gravity;

11. No overweight or overloading is allowed;

12. When the workpiece needs to be climbed and welded, the climb, the pedal must be used, and the climb pedal must be placed securely before climbing operation.