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Influence of air compressor on the effect of CNC plasma cutting

Yesterday, I brought you how the CNC plasma cutting machine solves the interference problem. Today Huafei CNC will talk about the impact of the air compressor on the CNC plasma cutting effect in detail.

The cutting speed and cutting range of CNC plasma cutting machines are improved compared with flame cutting. In addition to the maturity and perfection of plasma cutting technology in recent years, more and more user companies on the market choose plasma cutting method, compared with traditional cutting. In terms of methods, plasma cutting has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, and high stability. It is especially suitable for high-volume production, processing, and high-precision cutting requirements. Also, from the perspective of cost, due to the removal of cutting gas costs, the relative cost of plasma cutting is more economical, especially when applied to large-scale processing and production, its processing cost control will be more obvious. An air compressor is required when using plasma cutting.

Under normal circumstances, when the working pressure is lower than the required pressure value of the equipment, the airflow input of the air compressor is less than the specified value, then the spray speed of the plasma arc will be weakened, and the high energy and high speed cannot be formed. Plasma arc, resulting in poor incision quality, imperviousness, and incision accumulation.

The reason for the lack of air pressure from the perspective of the air compressor is mainly due to the lack of air input. Also, there may be the reason that the air regulator valve on the cutting machine has too low-pressure regulation, there is oil in the solenoid valve, and the air path is not smooth. When the air compressor can not meet the cutting requirements, we can see from the output pressure display of the air compressor; also, we must check the input air pressure before use. Check whether the adjustment of the air filter pressure reducing valve is correct to Meet the cutting requirements. The CNC plasma cutting machine should also carry out daily maintenance of the air filter pressure reducing valve to ensure that the input air is dry and free of oil pollution.