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Table type CNC metal sheet cutter

Advantages:High reliability, good resistance to plasma interference, easy operation, easy upgrade, strong practicability, stable and reliable operation, long service life.
Scope of Application:Mechanical and electrical products shell processing, the lighting industry, ventilation ducts, advertising signs, craft decoration, iron garden, automobile manufacturing, ships, electrical accessories, chassis electrical cabinet, parts cutting.
Brief Intro:Suitable within 1mm-16mm, the fast CNC worksheets for steel plate, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other cutting material, good effect, no dross, and burr.


The price of the machine will be different due to factors such as parameters and configuration. For specific prices, please contact our sales staff. He will help you choose the appropriate parameters and configurations and will give you a quotation.

Product introduction:

  This type of CNC cutting machine has a desktop gantry structure, and the whole machine table adopts the overall surrounding edge structure, which has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation and long service life. This model uses optical axis linear guides and bilateral drives. It can realize the cutting of various metal materials according to any graphics. It is suitable for fast CNC cutting and cutting of carbon steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel plates and other workpieces within 1mm-16mm, with good results, no slag and Glitch; directly connect the desktop computer with common configuration when in use, use Wentai software or AutoCAD drawing software to directly draw the graphics, without conversion, direct cutting, and simple layout, workpiece common edge settings This equipment can enjoy free home delivery, installation and debug and training. 

  At the same time, the problem of incompatibility between the cutting of thin plates and thick plates is also solved. This machine is equipped with plasma cutting as standard, equipped with arc pressure automatic height adjustment system and torch anti-collision system. It is also equipped with a water spray to cool the device to reduce the thermal deformation of thin plate cutting. This type of equipment is cutting and cutting equipment for sheet metal processing industry and advertising industry. You can enjoy free home delivery, installation, commissioning and training when purchasing this equipment.


1. Crossbeam: It adopts a steel plate carved hollow tailor-welded structure, which has the characteristics of good rigidity, high precision, lightweight and small inertia. All welding parts are treated with vibration aging and stress relief, which effectively prevents structural deformation.

2. Longitudinal and horizontal drive: Both are driven by a precision rack and pinion (7-level accuracy). The horizontal guide rail adopts the linear guide rail imported from Taiwan, and the vertical guide rail is made of precision-machined special steel rails, which ensures the smooth operation of the cutting machine, high precision, durable, clean and beautiful; the planetary gear reducer can be used for reduction. To ensure the accuracy and balance of movement.

3. The drive system is a servo system, which makes the whole machine run more smoothly, with a wider speed range and shorter acceleration time.

4. The lifting body adopts aluminum structure, lightweight and high precision. Lifting and lifting adopt ball screw lifting.

5. An easy-to-use automatic programming system makes CNC programming no longer complicated and easy.

Technical parameters:

Horizontal span

4 m(0.5m / unit can be extended)

Effective cutting width3.4 m(0.5m / unit can be extended)
Longitudinal length of guide rail 8 m(0.5m / unit can be extended)
Effective cutting length

6 m (can be extended 0.5m / unit)

Plasma single cutting torch

1 set

Plasma cutting thicknessdepends on plasma power
Machine running speed

6000 mm / min

Driving method

Bilateral driving
Automatic height adjustment stroke0-150 mm

Technical index:

Cutting shapeProgrammable cutting of any flat shape steel plate parts composed of straight lines and arcs
Cutting accuracy

National standard GB / T10045.3-99

Horizontal span

2.5m and 3m are standard, but can be extended by 0.5m / unit according to user requirements

Track lengthStandard range of 3m and 4m, but can be extended by 0.5m / unit according to user requirements
CNC systemControl system, easy to use, stable performance; according to user requirements, you can choose Beijing Starfun system, Shanghai Jiaotong University CNC and other systems, imported type; American Hypertherm and other systems
CNC programmingAutomatic graphical programming software based on AutoCAD

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