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Cost comparison between CNC flame cutting and plasma cutting

Many customers have consulted such questions as to whether the cutting cost of CNC flame cutting machine is low or the cutting cost of CNC plasma cutting machine

1. CNC flame cutting machine

Take the cutting of a workpiece with a thickness of 6mm-200mm of ordinary carbon steel plate as an example.

Cost: A bottle of acetylene can be used for 8 hours, a bottle of oxygen can be used for 2 hours, as far as the current acetylene is $ 12, and oxygen is $ 2.5

8 hours working cost: 12 * 1 + 2.5 * 4 = 22 USD

2. CNC plasma cutting machine

Take the example of cutting board under 20mm.

Cost: 6KW of electricity per hour, 48KW of electricity for eight hours, at 0.073 USD / kWh. The electrode and nozzle are set at 2.5 USD each and can work for about 3 hours.

8 hours working cost: 48 * 0.073 + 2.5 * 2.6 = 87 USD

Through the above comparison, it can be calculated that the initial investment of the CNC flame cutting machine is small and the cost is large; the power of the plasma power supply for the CNC plasma cutting machine is different in the early stage, and the price is different, but the overall investment is larger than the flame cutting, but the later cost is small. However, the cutting machine cannot be selected solely based on cost, because different cutting machines have different scopes of application, and the costs incurred in the specific use of CNC flame cutting machines and CNC plasma cutting machines should still be based on the cutting process, and even follow the operation. People have a great relationship, so companies wanting to have lower costs can choose to use them together.