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What convenience does the welding positioner bring to the welding tooling?

The appearance of the welding positioner makes welding more convenient, not only automatic welding but also manual welding is much more convenient, not every workpiece is not large, there are many large workpieces with the wrong angle when welding, it is very difficult to weld, displacement The machine has the function of supporting the transposition of the workpiece. The welding positioner changes the angle of the welding workpiece, making the workpiece more convenient when welding. For example, if there is no welding positioner, the workpiece wants to turn over, which is more difficult. Humans can't turn over. If you place the workpiece on the welding positioner equipment, it will be more convenient to turn it over. You can directly turn the workpiece over and manually weld the workpiece again, with less effort.

The welding positioner is small and broad so that there are no hard-to-weld workpieces in the world. With the automation equipment, the CNC welding positioner can also be used with a servo machine. It is more convenient to use. We only need to enter the program to rotate the position according to workpiece welding. Waiting for the action, the welding positioner's role is not only in the welding field but also in other fields. For example, it is used on the winding machine.

What is the difference between the function of seat type welding positioner and L type welding positioner?

Today I will explain to you the difference between the base welding positioner and the L-type welding positioner.

Before discussing the difference between welding positioners, let's take a look at how these two devices work. The seat welding positioner is also known as a double-column single-turn transformation welding positioner. The seat welding positioner is mainly auxiliary welding square material, structure The main working principle is that the work device is driven by the motor at one end of the column to run in one direction of rotation, and the angle of rotation is small. At present, the turning angle of the conventional seat welding positioner can only reach 120°, limiting the welding range—the evolution of the seat-type welding positioner. At present, the seat-type welding positioner can be made to be liftable on both sides. To facilitate the welding of products with different specifications, you should pay attention to the weld seam and the ability to weld when choosing this welding positioner.

L-type welding positioner, the origin of the name of the welding positioner is inseparable from his shape. The rotation of the L-type welding positioner is L-shaped, so his name is called the L-type welding positioner, changing the working device of the crisis. There are two degrees of freedom of rotation, 360° unlimited rotation, and rotation. Compared with the seat type welding positioner, it has better openness and strong applicability. The L-type welding positioner has a larger welding range, which is beneficial to welding all aspects of the workpiece.