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What is the reason for the poor finish of the CNC flame cutting machine?

Beginners of CNC flame cutting machines often find that the cut workpiece's surface is not ideal, and the end is not good. The resulting precision is not up to standard, and even the workpiece is scrapped. It is very distressing. The main feature of the unsatisfactory finish caused by mechanical failure is that regular ripples appear in the cross-section, such as slit compensation, cutting speed, etc.

Generally speaking, the first thing that comes to mind when the cut surface is not smooth is the mechanical failure of the CNC cutting machine. Today, let's analyze why this happens, and what are the factors that affect the finish?

The gap between the junctions of the mechanical departments is too large, such as the gap between the motor and the gear, the torch holder is not fixed firmly, the torch lifting and height adjustment device are not disordered. The horizontal hanging board travel bearings are not concentric or damaged.

In addition to the mechanical failures mentioned above, the adjustment of the flame by the operating staff is also one of the important factors affecting the finish. The flame's adjustment, the maintenance of the flame cutting nozzle, and the normal wind line guarantee are all necessary factors to ensure the smoothness of the workpiece.

The control procedures for the network control of the CNC flame cutting machine are as follows:

1. Set the thickness of the steel plate, adjust the cutting speed, confirm the torch used, and check whether the machine status is normal. The above conditions will cause the torch to shake during the moving process, resulting in tooth-like ripples on the cutting surface.

2. If the steel plate on the workbench is not parallel to the machine guide, you can use the steel plate correction function to correct it or manually pry the steel plate.

The perpendicularity of the cutting torch relative to the steel plate will also affect the cutting effect. This is why we have always asked our customers to make cutting tables according to the standard. If the preheating oxygen time is set too long, you can use intermittent heating oxygen to force the steel plate's healing process.

3. Adjust the distance between the cutting tip of the torch and the steel plate, turn on the gas, adjust the heating flame, and cut the front line.

4. At the end of the CNC system initialization, select the program, and set the relevant parameters. Therefore, the correction of the torch vertically before cutting is also very important. The cutting head is not used, or the welding of the cutting head is not strong. If there is vibration generated by heavy machinery nearby, it will cause the steel plate to oscillate or shift, which will cause the cut surface finish to decrease during the cutting process. CNC cutting machine motor and other parts adopt the self-adjusting device, which greatly avoids these situations. Professional technology forges the fine quality of the CNC cutting machine. It has professional mechanical automation technical stuff, which is enough to ensure the precise operation of the machine.

5. Turn on the main power of the machine, and then turn on the computer.

6. Press the machine start button, at this time the torch begins to descend and preheat the steel plate.

7. When the preheating oxygen time delay reaches the set time, the CNC flame cutting machine system will automatically turn on the cutting oxygen and start piercing and cutting.