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Powder coating CNC flame cutting machine is positioned marking device Features

Compared with manual cutting, the most important advantage of a CNC flame cutting machine is that it can realize the fully automated operation of the computer. In order to ensure the accuracy of the entire cutting process, it is necessary to ensure the positioning and control of the cutting track, then the CNC cutting machine How to achieve cutting positioning?

Through the use of the powder spraying scoring gun, the process line, graphics and part number can be marked on the surface of the cutting workpiece in time, and the shape of the drawing can be adjusted in time in the early stage of the uncut workpiece, and modified in time to achieve the wrong drawing in the size of the graphic Under the influence of objective factors, such as cutting the workpiece by mistake, it can effectively avoid the waste of steel and rework, affecting production and efficiency. The cutting accuracy of CNC cutting machines has always been a concern for many companies before choosing to buy. Traditional manual cutting processing relies on the operator's experience to control the cutting accuracy, while the CNC cutting machine with a scribing device can be used in its cutting accuracy. Control within ±0.5mm.

As we all know, the CNC flame cutting machine walks and cuts, according to the set trajectory. In order to predict whether there is an error in the cutting pattern, you can use the CNC cutting machine scribing device to accurately grasp.

The scribing device is an important functional part selected by the CNC cutting machine. Its function is to mark the process line, graphics, and part number on the surface of the steel plate. The working principle is that the high-mesh, zinc powder is melted by the high-temperature flame and sprayed on the surface of the steel plate to form a uniform and clear lines of zinc powder. These lines have certain corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Users can use it according to processing needs. The following Wuhan Huayucheng CNC will briefly summarize the function and characteristics of the marking device:

1. Suitable for the marking requirements of automatic equipment and the execution of various complex graphics

2. Line color: blue and white

3. Energy input: oxygen 4bar, fuel gas (acetylene, propane) 0.5bar

4. Power supply: AC24V, 50W

5. Weight: about 4.5kg (including peripheral parts of powder spray gun)

6. Powder spraying line working speed 0.3~30m/min

7. Line width 0.6~1.2mm, attachment thickness 0.05~0.20mm