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The formation and influencing factors of cutting slag hanging by CNC flame cutting machine

In the actual production process of CNC flame cutting machines, quality problems of one kind or another are often produced. Generally, there are several types of defects: edge defects, cutting section defects, slag hangs, and cracks. There are many reasons for the quality accident: that oxygen purity is guaranteed to be normal, and the equipment is operating normally. The reasons for the flame cutting quality defects are mainly manifested in the following aspects: cutting torch, cutting nozzle, the quality of the steel itself, and steel plate material.

In general, the defect of slag hanging in the flame cutting section is caused by insufficient oxygen pressure in cutting. The specific performance is the slag hanging on the cutting section or the lower edge, etc. The specific reasons are explained in detail below.

The so-called dross on the lower edge means that continuous dross is generated on, the lower edge of the cutting section. The main causes are the following three points:

1. The cutting speed is too fast or too slow, the cutting nozzle number used is too small, and the cutting oxygen pressure is too low;

2. Excess gas in the preheating flame, the scale of the steel plate is corroded or dirty;

3. The height between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece is too large, and the preheating flame is too strong.

The so-called slag on the cutting section of the CNC flame cutting machine means that there is slag on the cutting section, especially in the lower half. The main reason is that the content of the material alloy is too high.