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Precautions for cutting torch of CNC plasma cutting machine

How to operate the cutting torch of the CNC plasma cutting machine correctly? The following are notes on its operation:

1. Make sure that the torch joint is well insulated;

2. When cutting, the water-cooled cutting torch should be selected. The current-carrying capacity of the air-cooled cutting torch is too small, and it should be avoided as much as possible;

3. Check and solve the waterway system when the water-cooled torch is working, do not work in an environment with too low temperature;

4. After the electric grade is burned, it should be replaced in time;

5. Discharge the accumulated water in the air filter pressure reducer in time. If the water content in the compressed air is too much, consider adding a 1-2 filter;

6. After replacing the electrode nozzle, the metal pressure cap should be pressed in time;

7. The ceramic protective sleeve on the cutting torch should be replaced in time;

8. Check-in time to prevent the torch conductive connection from loosening, the cable trachea rupture, and the water-cooled torch interface leaking.