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Several points that should be paid attention to when using a CNC plasma cutting machine outdoors

CNC plasma cutting machines are generally used in factory buildings, but some customers use them outdoors. Today we will explain to you some points to note when using CNC cutting machines outdoors:

CNC plasma cutting machine

As a material processing equipment, CNC plasma cutting machines are generally installed and used in the plant. The main reason is the maintenance of traditional components and control systems, due to the safety of electricity, gas, and other fuels involved in the CNC plasma cutting machine. It is recommended that users also try to use indoors as much as possible. Secondly, the operation of the plasma system is very simple. The professional system is basically equipped with all the facilities required by the operator to start the operation, the power supply for cutting and gouging, the cutting torch and wearing parts, as well as the operating instructions in printed and DVD format. The operator only needs to prepare power, gas, and gloves, and goggles.

Summarize the following suggestions for your reference. It is not difficult to use today's most advanced plasma system. Even the operator who uses the plasma CNC cutting machine system for the first time can achieve high-quality cutting within a few minutes of operating the plasma torch. When using an air plasma system, no gas adjustment is required. And with an internal fixed cover, the operator does not need to operate away from the machine. In this way, the operator can drag the torch head directly along the workpiece and use the pre-cutting plate, simplifying the cutting. Ergonomically designed torch handle and quick-connect torch technology make operation easier.

1. When it rains, try to keep the CNC system in good condition to prevent water ingress;

2. Always check the oxygen-acetylene pipeline;

3. Check whether there is leakage in the circuit;

4. Wipe the guide rail frequently to prevent rust.