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What should I do if the cutting nozzle of the flame cutting machine is severely worn?

The cutting nozzle is one of the key components of the CNC flame cutting machine. In daily use, various problems and failures may occur due to various improper operations or continuous cutting use. Seriously, the CNC flame cutting machine may not be used normally. Related operations Personnel needs to have a good grasp of their frequent faults and their treatment methods. In the long-term CNC flame cutting machine production and user site fault troubleshooting work, Huafei CNC has summarized the following common problems and treatment suggestions, hoping to give you some reference and help.

cnc flame cutter cutting nozzle

1. Keep the cutting nozzle channel clean. The cutting nozzle channel should always be kept clean and smooth, and the dirt in the hole should be cleaned with a needle at any time.

2. Treatment of flame extinguishment After ignition, when the preheated oxygen adjustment valve is turned to adjust the flame, if the flame extinguishes immediately, the reason is that there is dirt in each gas channel or the nozzle of the suction pipe is not in tight contact and the outer and inner parts of the cutting nozzle Mismatched mouth. The nut on the suction pipe should be tightened; when it is invalid, the suction pipe should be removed, the dirt in each gas channel should be removed, and the gap between the outer and inner sleeves of the cutting nozzle should be adjusted and tightened.

3. The flame of the nozzle and the cutting torch is not strictly coordinated. Although the flame is normal after ignition, the flame is extinguished immediately when the cutting oxygen adjustment valve is opened. The reason is that the cutting head and cutting torch are matched, and the joint is not strict. At this time, the cutting nozzle should be tightened. When it is invalid, the cutting nozzle should be removed and gently use fine sandpaper. Grind the mating surface of the cutting tip until it fits tightly.

4. Choose the right cutting nozzle according to the thickness of the cutting workpiece. When assembling the cutting nozzle, the inner nozzle and the outer nozzle must be kept concentric to ensure that the cutting oxygen jet is located in the center of the preheated flame. When installing the cutting nozzle, pay attention to tighten the cutting nozzle nut.