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Reasons for deviation of CNC cutting machine

The CNC cutting machine should be regularly maintained and maintained. If it is not maintained and maintained for a long time, it will greatly shorten the service life of the CNC cutting machine. In this way, the accuracy and mechanical parts will have problems, and the CNC cutting machine needs to be cleaned every day. Before I published an article about the maintenance method of the CNC cutting machine operating system, you can find out if you are interested. Start to find and solve the problem below.

CNC plasma cutter

The CNC cutting machine has a lot of dust and oil stains. The horizontal double-axis guide rail will definitely affect the cutting accuracy of the CNC cutting machine, so first measure the horizontal walking accuracy of the CNC cutting machine. Is it correct? Push the CNC cutting under the condition of power. If the motor in the transverse direction of the machine does not move or there is no gap, it means that it does not have many relationships with the motor in the horizontal direction of the CNC cutting machine.

First, determine whether the parameters on the CNC cutting machine have been moved. Then first remove the horizontal motor of the CNC cutting machine, start to push the height adjuster, see if there is any slipping phenomenon, and then check the above bearing. The wear is not serious.

In fact, these are the problems caused by not paying attention to maintenance at ordinary times. Replace the new bearings, and the CNC cutting machine resumes operation. The problem is solved. The maintenance and maintenance of the CNC cutting machine are repeatedly emphasized. No matter how busy, you must clean up the dust. And iron filings, in fact, the CNC cutting machine is usually a small problem, which saves the plate and improves the efficiency.