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Common problems and solutions of CNC plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machines may encounter some problems in daily use. Now, the CNC plasma cutting machines manufacturer will explain how to deal with these problems.

desktop CNC plasma cutting machine

1. What is the problem with the nozzle of the CNC plasma cutting machine?

The electrode cutting nozzle used in CNC plasma cutting needs to pay attention to the cutting nozzle's quality when buying. Because the cutting nozzle wears more frequently than the flame cutting when using plasma cutting, the cutting nozzle quality of the laser CNC cutting machine is not good, which exacerbates the cutting nozzle during use. Loss requires special attention. It is not possible to choose poor quality electrode cutting nozzles just to save costs. Under normal circumstances, the service life of a set of electrode cutting nozzles varies from 3-4 hours.

Plasma CNC cutting machine accessories and nozzles are extremely important consumables. The cutting nozzle is a consumable part of the CNC cutting machine torch. It is normal to replace the wear and tear during use. In use, there are different degrees of reflection that there are problems such as high frequency of cutting nozzle replacement and serious wear and tear.

The material and thickness of the cutting workpiece and the arrangement of the cutting process, etc. The cutting workpiece's material consumes fewer electrode nozzles for ordinary plates, stainless steel, cast iron, and other materials.

Caused by improper use, such as the cutting nozzle is too close to the steel plate when cutting (generally 100A plasma cutting). The size of the cutting nozzle is generally not less than 3~8 mm from the steel plate), the external input voltage is too high or unstable.

Gantry plasma oxy fuel profile cutting machine

2. The solution to the unstable arc voltage of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

In the normal use of a CNC plasma cutting machine, arc voltage may be unstable. Solution: Always check the spark generator's discharge electrode to keep its surface flat, adjust the discharge electrode gap of the spark generator (0.8~1.2mm) in time, and replace the control board if necessary.

Under normal circumstances, the working time of the spark generator is only 0.5~1s. The reason for the automatic arc interruption is generally due to the imbalance of the control circuit board components. The discharge electrode gap of the spark generator is different.

The spark generator cannot automatically interrupt the arc.

When the CNC plasma cutting machine works, the plasma arc is first ignited. The gas between the electrode and the nozzle's inner wall is excited by a high-frequency oscillator to produce a high-frequency discharge. The negative gas is partially ionized to form a small arc. This small arc is subjected to compressed air. The spark generator's role is to spray from the nozzle to ignite the plasma, which is the main task of the spark generator.

In addition to the above reasons, the cutting speed is too slow, the perpendicularity of the cutting torch and the workpiece during cutting, and the operator's knowledge of the plasma cutting machine, etc., affect the instability of the plasma arc, users should pay attention to these aspects.

CNC plasma pipe profile cutting and beveling machine

3.Analysis of the causes of jitter when the CNC cutting machine is working. 

The crawling phenomenon of the CNC cutting machine means that the motor is at a low speed. Once the speed is increased, it will vibrate. At this time, an overcurrent alarm may occur in the current. This kind of alarm is that the working surface of the CNC cutting machine changes to keep up with the change of the feedback signal. It must have a large acceleration. This acceleration is given by the torque of the motor. Torque is the current signal. The large torque is caused by the large current signal. There is a drastic change in the current loop, which causes an overcurrent phenomenon. There is no alarm when vibrating, and when the vibration increases, an overcurrent alarm occurs.

The problem of crawling and vibration of the CNC cutting machine belongs to the problem of speed, so it should be started from the speed loop because the entire adjustment process of the speed of the cutting machine is completed by the speed regulator. The speed regulator's time constant is that the speed regulator integral time constant is measured in milliseconds.  Therefore, the servo motion of the entire CNC cutting machine is a transition and adjustment process.

Since the CNC cutting machine is an electromechanical integrated product, many factors affect its normal operation, such as the cause of the processing shape error, electrical problems, and the measurement of the fault momentum are all important factors that affect the processing geometry. If mechanical problems are also mixed with electrical problems, it is difficult to distinguish the true cause.

According to the CNC cutting machine's working principle, the position of the CNC cutting machine should be started from the position ring, and the speed problem should be considered for the speed ring. The so-called position ring is to study the dimensional problem of parts processing. The accuracy of the size of the parts is to study the position ring. Of course, the repeat accuracy of the partition size is also related to the reference point. We will discuss the reference point return later. The problem of speed is to study the speed loop and the parts related to the speed loop. The size and position issues should be considered for the position ring or the part related to the position ring.