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CNC plasma cutting machine cutting stainless steel slag treatment

After the stainless steel material of the CNC plasma cutting machine, the material cross-section may produce a certain amount of rust slag due to long-term placement, and many users will worry about how to deal with these rusts. In addition, from the perspective of the CNC plasma cutting machine, during the cutting process, the CNC plasma The temperature of the arc of the cutting machine may reach nearly a thousand degrees in the center, and the metal in the center area will be oxidized and discolored due to heat, which affects the effect of metal processing. In fact, you don’t need to worry. Here are two ways to remove rust.

1. After pickling, be sure to fully rinse and wipe with clean water to avoid secondary pollution. You can use a manual polishing machine with a thin layer that can be easily discarded.

2. For stainless steel that is oxidized and discolored at high temperatures, it can be washed away with stainless steel whitening water. Using whitening water can restore the original whiteness of stainless steel.

Here is a simple experiment you can take a look at:

After high-temperature baking, the stainless steel surface will become a burnt color that gathers a variety of colors such as gray, black, brown, yellow, blue, and iron red. This color is not good-looking and has no use-value. Use whitening water to restore the original whiteness of stainless steel.

A piece of stainless steel printed with ink was grilled at a high temperature to make the surface become dark brown and variegated. Then it was soaked in white water for more than 1 minute to make the black ash fade. Several lines covered by ink are not replenished.