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Plasma cutting slit processing method

The CNC plasma cutting machine uses a plasma arc to penetrate the material surface to achieve the cutting effect. Considering the shape and material penetration process of the plasma arc, the plasma arc often cuts more metal from the cut upper part than the lower part, making the cut end face slightly skewed, the upper part The margin is usually square, but sometimes slightly rounded. The problem that may be caused here is that the two cutting surfaces formed by the cutting beam cut off the upper edge. When the upper edge of the cut is melted, the gap between the two cutting surfaces immediately below the melted layer is abnormal.

The cutting width of the plasma arc cutting is 1.5 to 2 times wider than the cutting width of oxygen-acetylene cutting, and the cutting width is added to the thickness of the board. For stainless steel or aluminum with a thickness of less than 25mm, it can be cut with a small current plasma arc. The straightness of the cut is very high, especially when cutting a plate with a thickness of less than 8mm, it can cut a small edge, even without processing. Direct welding is difficult to obtain with high current plasma arc cutting. This provides convenience for cutting the irregular curve of the thin plate and cutting the irregular hole.

The flatness of the cutting surface refers to the distance between the highest point and the lowest point on the cutting surface of the measured part, and the two parallel lines made according to the direction of the inclination of the cutting surface.

The plasma arc cut surface has a melting layer of about 0.25 to 3.80 mm thick, but the chemical composition of the cut surface has not changed. For example, when cutting an aluminum alloy containing 5% of Mg, although there is a 0.25 mm thick melted layer, the composition is unchanged and no oxides appear. If welding is performed directly by cutting the surface, a fine weld can be obtained. When cutting stainless steel, because the heated zone quickly passes the critical temperature of 649℃, chromium carbide will not be separated along the grain boundary. Therefore, the plasma arc cutting of the CNC plasma cutting machine will not affect its corrosion resistance.