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What are the properties of welding positioner?

  Welding positioner is versatile and efficient welding equipment mainly to achieve girth welding. It can be equipped with argon arc welding machine (filled or unfilled wire), molten electrode gas shielded welding machine (C02/MAG/MIG welding machine), plasma welding machine and other welding machine power supply. It can form an automatic welding system with other machines. The product is mainly composed of the rotating head, displacement mechanism and controller. Dragging the member to be welded, weld it to be moved to a position over the welding operation device.

Performance of welding positioner:

(1) Welding displacement machinery and welding machine displacement machinery should have a wide range of speed adjustment welding operation speed and good structural rigidity.

(2) Applicability to weldments with different sizes and shapes.

(3) In the transmission chain, there should be a superior reverse-stroke self-locking transmission to avoid accidents due to the action of gravity when the power source is suddenly cut off.

(4) Weldment displacement machinery used in conjunction with welding robots and precision welding operations, depending on the size of the weldment and the process method, its in-position accuracy (point control) and running track accuracy (contour control) should be controlled at 0.1- Between 2mm, the highest precision should be 0.01mm.

(5) The return speed should be fast, but impact and vibration should be avoided.

(6) Good electrical connection, water connection and air connection facilities, as well as heat conduction and ventilation performance.

(7) The entire structure must have good airtightness. To avoid the damage of welding spatter, the welding slag and coatings scattered on it should be treated as soon as possible.

(8) The welding positioner has a linkage control interface and corresponding self-protection functions to centrally control and coordinate actions with each other.

(9) The installation baseline should be engraved on the worktable surface for installation and installation of various positioning workpieces and clamping mechanisms.

(10) The impact resistance of the weldment displacement machinery used for assembly. And there are installation slots, which can easily have higher strength and impact resistance according to its work surface.

(11) Weldment displacement machinery used for electron beam welding, plasma arc welding, laser welding and brazing should meet the special requirements of conductivity, magnetic isolation and insulation.