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The scale of the positioner market is further expanded

  Welding positioner has quietly become necessary equipment in the manufacturing industry, and it is classified as an auxiliary welding machine in the welding field. In recent years, this product has made significant progress in the construction machinery industry and has been widely used. As far as the type series and variety specifications are concerned, there are about ten series and more than one hundred varieties and specifications, which are forming a small industry.

  In people's eyes, the welding positioner may be considered an insignificant product. However, in the world, there are more than one hundred series, including products with various functions. There are ordinary types in technology; those with gapless transmission servo control; the rated load range of the product reaches 0.1kN~18000 kN. It can be said that the welding positioner is a product with many varieties, not low technical level, and complete development of small, medium and large.

  The use of welding positioner machinery can significantly improve productivity. According to relevant literature reports, the productivity increased by 25-30% after the application of the Soviet Union, and the productivity increased by 35% after the form of the American Morgan Company. As we all know, boat-shaped position welding is one of the keys to ensuring high-quality welding products, and welding displacement machinery happens to be able to expand the range of boat-shaped welding positions. Therefore, different machinery manufacturing companies have adopted a large number, and the number of applications has dramatically increased.

  Nowadays, welding positioner has become an indispensable welding auxiliary tool in the development of the manufacturing industry. In fact, in the process of the rapid growth of construction machinery, welding positioner is a new type of product, and its application range is extensive. There are hundreds of specifications and dozens of series. At present, welding positioner has become a small, emerging industry in the development process.

  Perhaps in the eyes of many people, the welding positioner is a humble mechanical product. However, many engineers in the world regard it as an indispensable product, and this product is divided into two types: common type and gapless transmission servo control type at the technical level. And it has a rated load range. Please don't underestimate this product, it has many kinds, and the professional level is relatively high and has large, medium and small products that can fully meet customer needs.