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Numerical control plasma cutting machine operating speed increasing setting method

Generally speaking, when the CNC plasma cutting machine leaves the factory, the manufacturer will only provide a range of speed selection, specifically for different materials and different thicknesses of the material to be cut, the user needs to integrate multiple factors when selecting the cutting speed:

1. The model of the plasma cutting machine. This model is generally the output current of the plasma cutting machine, such as 40A, 60A, 100A, 200A, etc., according to the size of the model power, the selected cutting current is different, and the cutting speed is also different. The data you have given above does not indicate what brand and model of plasma cutting machine you have chosen, so detailed data cannot be given.

2. The material of the cutting workpiece is different, and the cutting speed is different according to different cutting materials. Common cutting materials: carbon steel and stainless steel, the cutting speed is faster, the cast iron is slightly slower, followed by aluminum, and the slowest is copper because copper and Aluminum is more difficult to cut, the cutting speed is much slower than the first two, and the cutting thickness of copper and aluminum with the same power plasma is much smaller than that of stainless steel and carbon steel.

3. The size of the input voltage at the cutting site. The general factory power supply voltage is AC 380V. However, due to the different conditions at the factory site, the general voltage fluctuates between 365V and 410V (of course, there are even differences in some places), so the input voltage is also A factor that affects the cutting speed.