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Maintenance method of special welding chuck for welding positioner

The welding tray of the welding positioner is an important part of the automatic positioner and requires frequent maintenance. In special cases, the frequency of welding maintenance needs to be increased. This greatly prolongs the service life of the welding plate and improves production efficiency. The correct method of repairing the welding plate is as follows.

welding positioner

1. After using the board, you should use a wind turbine and other tools to clean the welded board body and the surface of the slider to ensure the correct accuracy after long-term use of the welded board, so it is important to regularly lubricate the welded board.

2. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease (the color is black) at least once a day, and press the grease into the welding plate grease nipple until it overflows the welding plate surface or inner hole (inner hood and coupling nut).

3. To prevent rust inside the welding plate, the clamping force is reduced and the parts cannot be tightened. Therefore, it is best to use cutting oil with rust prevention effect. Cutting oil can prevent rust inside the welding plate.

4. After the operation is completed, the surface of the welding plate and the slider should be cleaned with an air gun or a similar tool.

5. Remove and clean the pads at least every 6 month, keep the sliding surface of the saw blade clean, and lubricate to extend the life of the pads.

6. Check all part from cracks and abrasion, cut off the power and clean thoroughly at least every two month. If parts are severely damaged, they should be replaced immediately.

7. Different parts must use different fastening methods. If it is used to tighten irregular parts, it will cause damage to the welding plate.

8. When the pad pressure is abnormal, you must keep the high-pressure pads to tighten the parts to shorten the life of the pads. Therefore, once the pad gap is too large, you must replace the new pads.