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Export Vietnam 10T chain turnover machine successful debugging

10T chain flipping machine is a device that is made according to customer requirements in Vietnam. It is mainly used for the turning and lifting of the workpiece, greatly improving efficiency and ensuring the safety of the workers.

The machine structure is inverted gantry type; use four sets of speed reducer to drive the heavy chain to drive the workpiece turning; can complete the workpiece 0 -360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise arbitrary flip; to realize the workpiece flip and lift. The column is box welded structure, with sufficient rigidity and strength, to meet the stability of long-term use.

The control system is provided with a motor over current, over-voltage, and over-torque protection. The operation is simple and convenient, can control or remote control, is convenient to operate in any position. 

The following is a machine photo:

10T chain turnover machine

10T chain turnover machine