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Servo welding positioner delivered

Welding positioner

Servo welding positioner is a servo-controlled high precision positioner, welding turntable. It is mainly used in the welding of the circular seam, which can change the position of the workpiece with the welding robot and complete the exchange of the signal with the robot. The main function is to tilt and rotate the workpiece, so that the welding seam is arranged at the ideal position of the level and the shipshape, and can also be used for automatic welding with the welding manipulator.

Servo welding positioner uses RV series precision reducer, the reducer is a widely used industrial-grade product, its performance can be compared with other military products, is widely used in various industrial applications.

Product parameters:

NameSeat type cnc welding positioner
Maximum loading weight(kg)≤1200
Rotating speedServo regulation,1.2-60 °/s
Flipping speedServo regulation,1.2-60 °/s
Rotating angle(°)±n×360°Infinite rotation
Flipping angle(°)0-90°Pitching at any angle
Maximum centroidal distance(mm)150
Maximum eccentricity(mm)150
Rotating motor power(kw)3.5(User owned)
Flipping motor power(kw)3.5(User owned)
Re-positioning accuracy(mm)±0.3(500mm from the center of rotation)
Work table diameter(mm)¢1000
Rotation positioning accuracy(°)0.02°
Total height(mm)1000
Rotating center height(mm)800