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Welding rotator for straight taper pipe

Welding rotator for straight taper pipe

The welding rotator machine is mainly for taper pipe straight seam welding and production, the workpiece is semi-circular two cones. The roller rotation to adjust welding position, lift mechanism drive workpiece lifting both ends to the same level, the submerged arc welding trolley to finish straight seam welding. After welding one straight seam, through the roller rotation, weld the straight seam.

The device is configured in the form of the active frame is fixed on the ground; the driven frame can walk on the pre-embedded guide rail to meet the requirements of the workpiece with different lengths.

Main technical parameters:

Work piece weight10T
Polyurethane roller sizeΦ250*120mm
Work piece sizeΦ200-Φ1500 mm
Lifting mechanism stroke1200mm
Rail gauge2300mm

Customer site use picture:

Welding rotator for straight taper pipe