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Desktop fine plasma cutting machine acceptance loading shipping

desktop plasma cutting machine

Customer customized desktop fine plasma cutting machine (QG III 1840) site commissioning and acceptance; loading and delivery today.

The equipment according to customer requirements is equipped with well-known German brand system and fine plasma power, its unique fine-hole technology, cutting groove is ≤ 1 degree, cutting 6mm thick plate, diameter 6mm, its surface roughness, and dimensional accuracy is close to the standard of laser cutting; greatly improve cutting quality and production efficiency. In addition, the machine is equipped with a long cross beam, the right side of the machine is equipped with a pipe rotating device, to carry out a variety of cutting pipe, which is a multi-functional cutting machine with flat and pipe processing. Its processed parts of the sample and the multifunctional cutting process, can meet the needs of customers, and get highly praised.

The main configuration is as follows:

1.CNC system: Germany ECKELMANN

2.Planetary reducer: Japan Shimpo

3.All digital AC servo system: Germany ECKELMANN

4.Plasma power supply: Germany Kjellberg HF130

5.Arc voltage automatic height adjusting device: Germany ECKELMANN

6.Automatic programming and nesting software: Germany ECKELMANN

7.Fume exhaust device: Jinan Hua Fei CNC Machine limited company